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Welcome to XAP Drive 

Transfer encrypted files with exceptional security.

Itís not cloud.  Itís not email.

Itís XAP Drive.

A XAP Drive is a private server that
you use to receive encrypted files.

The sender encrypts a file, then uploads it to your server.  You connect to your server, download the file, then delete it.

The process is called ďAir Gapped End-To-End EncryptionĒ.  It is extremely secure and discreet.  At no point in the process is the unencrypted file exposed to anyone.  With XAP Drive, you avoid using hacker and snooper infested services.

If this sound interesting, check out Using XAP Drive for an overview of the process.


XAP Drive service is run by Ameridat, and operates from our private datacenter in Indiana USA.

The service is not available to the public.
Grand opening will be summer of 2018.


An ideal companion to XAP Drive is CryptoStealth Encryption Software


XAP Drive and XAPdrive.com are Trademarks (TM) of Ameridat
Copyright (C) 2016 Ameridat, All rights reserved.

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